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[Begin infomercial]

"Feeling frustrated when taking photos?" 📷

"Can't get that photo that you have pictured in your head?"

"Feel like throwing your camera down a volcano?!" 🌋 (Wait!... Lets not get to hasty now lol)

[End infomercial]

It happens to all of us. Learning something new in photography is fun and exciting. But when its time to put it in practice, it can get frustrating (Im mean really frustrating 😓)

I was talking to someone one day and it dawned upon me that the fun of photography is when you're working your way to the shot that you want. 😃

We feel better when we learn from our mistakes. So what if that picture is blurry or that photo came out weird, the point is to learn from it. It sure helps me.

Something else I learned was this: no matter how horrible or ugly the day is, there's always something to photograph. Maybe a cloudy day can give a more serious mood to your photo or maybe a cloudy morning will give you a nice soft light on your subject. Make the best of your surroundings.

You may find cool new things like experimenting with different color filters or even practicing take pictures at different angles. A good type of photography to do at home when its raining is macro photography. You can make little things seem big! Imagination is key.

Hope this tip helps encourage everyone to keep it up and don't give up. 😎📷

Remember... Be Creative. Envision. Capture.


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