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*Note: While the following steps are applicable to iPhone 6s and up, Android users can still download the app to shoot RAW as well.

DSLR's are always claimed to have the best image quality you can buy and for good reasons:

  • Bigger sensors mean better image quality.

  • A lot of lenses to choose from to get the pictures you want.

  • ISO noise is better controlled in DSLR camera's than cell phones or point & shoot cameras.

  • Etc, etc & etc…

But... what if I told you, YOU can get "DSLR" like images from your smartphone?

"Wait wha?????!!!!", You're probably asking yourself.

It's possible, here's how…


It's been awhile now since Adobe launched there mobile version of Lightroom with RAW DNG editing support and the ability to shoot RAW straight from your phone!

With the ability to shoot RAW on your smartphone device, it opens up a whole new possibility.


A RAW image is what you get straight from your camera's sensor before your camera converts that RAW (uncompressed) file to a JPEG (compressed) file.

Just as the name implies, RAW files have ALL the image data for you to play around with to make your masterpiece! Once you convert your image into JPEG though, some of that precious data gets cut off and thrown away. Meaning, you'll have less data to play with.

So you see, shooting RAW is a great thing! You have great flexibility when editing your photos and you end up with beautiful images! But there is a downside, RAW files are bigger than JPEG files. Honestly though, the benefits from RAW files totally overweighs that downside but it's good to know.

A DNG file is a RAW file, so they're both the same thing. DNG is Adobe's version of a RAW file. Every camera manufacturer has their own flavor of a RAW file. So don't be intimidated when looking at different cameras and seeing names like .NEF (Nikon), .CR2 (Canon), .DNG (Adobe, Leica and Pentax) or .RAF (Fujifilm), they are all RAW files.


Now that we know that shooting RAW is the best way of getting better images and that Adobe Lightroom mobile can now shoot RAW from your phone, here are the steps...

  1. Download Lightroom mobile from your phone's app store. Link: Adobe Lightroom by Adobe
  1. Tap the camera icon located on the lower right hand corner to launch the camera.
  1. Tap the file selector button (the middle button) located on the upper part of the app to select the file type of your choice.
  1. Make sure the DNG (RAW file) is selected.

  2. And shoot! It's that easy! All that’s left is to edit your RAW file to get your awesome image! (I'll help you edit as well!)


Now you took your shot and you're all excited about shooting RAW… But now what??? Here's a quick simple way to editing your image.

  1. Find the RAW photo you want to edit.
  1. Once open, tap the button that says "Light".
  1. Then press the "AUTO" button. Pressing this will let Lightroom choose what it thinks is the best settings for the image. (Sometimes its wrong lol)
  1. You'll see the changes Lightroom has made to the image. It’s a good start, but the image still needs so more color.
  1. Tap the "Color" button to give your images some POP.
  1. Once there, you'll play with the "Vibrance" slider to adjust to your preference.
  1. Now that your done and satisfied with your editing, we can now export this image by tapping the button on the upper right hand corner, like in the picture above.
  1. Choose how you wanna export, whether you want to share your picture to social media or save a copy to your camera roll.

*NOTE: PLEASE SAVE A COPY TO YOUR CAMERA ROLL. When you take a picture thru Lightroom, it doesn't save a copy to your camera roll. Unless you have an Adobe subscription where you can login thru the app to synchronize your photos back to your computer,  I still suggest to please save a copy to your camera roll.  Even if you do synchronize your photos with your Adobe account, you're better off exporting your picture to your camera roll. Don't be like me and loose your honeymoon pictures because the photos were syncing and accidentally erase the app while syncing and loose precious memories.

This is the end result of doing a quick edit…

iPhone 6s @ f/2.2 @ 1/119th sec @ ISO 32, Edited to taste using Lightroom Mobile

If you still not satisfied, you can continue to tweak your setting and get subtle results like this…

Or dramatic results like this…

That wraps up this photography tip. Stay tuned for other tips like these. Leave a comment below to let us know what you think! Or like and share!

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