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Autumn is, in my opinion, the most beautiful time of year. From the change in colors to the crisp autumn air, it just makes everything around us feel so surreal. As photographers, it’s also the time of year where we plan before hand to get our epic autumn photos. In order to get your shot, you can go the old fashion way and choose which autumn month you wanna go and risk your chances of missing the peak autumn colors in your area. So what can you do to maximize your chances of getting those beautiful autumn colors that you can only get in peak autumn season?

Smokey Mountains 2018 Fall Foliage Prediction Map

The people from take out the guessing game out of the question of when’s the best time to see the peak autumn colors in your area by compiling data over the years as to give a “close” (because no data is always 100% accurate) approximation to when you can get your best chances at getting to see peak colors in the United States. Their maps update each year. Apparently, according to their website, the Smokey Mountains (which is located in Gatlinburg Tennessee) is the place to go for great autumn scenery. My wife and I went to Chattanooga Tennessee back in November of 2017 and it was around peak season and it was beautiful.

What’s awesome about this fall foliage prediction map is that it’s color coordinated* to tell you if there’s no change, minimal change, patchy change, partial, near peak, peak, and even past peak conditions. Colors range from green (no change) to brown (past peak). Peak time is a dark red color. You can also slide through each week of the season to find out which week is best depending in your area. For those of you in New Jersey, it means between October 15th and the 22nd. [*Note: on the mobile version of their website, you won’t see the map legend that tells you what the colors indicate on the map. Refer to the desktop version of the website to see map legend.]

I’ll be definitely be using this map to plan my next autumn photo. Hopefully this will help everyone out with their planning. Have this map helped you? What do you do to plan your autumn photos? We’re interested in hearing you! Leave your comments below.


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