Using Your Hands To Frame Your Shots - SB Photography Studio

When observing your surroundings and framing your shots, there may come a time where you're at a scene and you think to yourself: "I like this scene, but how would it look like in a photo?"

You can, of course, pick up your camera and point at the scene you ate looking at OR you can use your hands and make a frame to see how your scene would look like in a photo.

By closing one eye and viewing thru the frame you created with your hands, you can really see how your photo will look like.

This is also helpful in wondering how would a photo look like when you crop an image.

Nikon D810, Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 AIS @ f/8 @ 1/250th sec @ ISO 640, HDR Panorama

The image above was made with the help of using my hands to frame my shot to see how it would look like! Try it out the next time you go out and take pictures.

I hope this tip helps in making what you see into a very nice photo! 📸


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