Visual Perception - How to obtain a key eye for an awesome photo? - SB Photography Studio

Have you ever stopped by a beautiful place and wondered how it would look like in a photo? Or saw something that impelled you to take a picture but wondered if it's going to look good? How can YOU obtain a key eye for an awesome photo?


We all see things differently. That's a beautiful thing because it means your pictures will be different from everyone else's! It's where creativity flows and makes you see things differently.

When you come into a room, you can "visually perceive" in many ways.

  • You can look at it head on, like seeing the room at the angle of someone coming into the room.
  • You can go inside the room and go to a corner to see a different angle.

  • You can view the room at a lower position and see a whole different view.

  • And even view the room from an arial view and get a different visual perception!

To obtain a key eye for a great photo, you have to train your eyes to see places and objects in different ways and different angles.

Every subject has the right angle. We just have to find it.Take shots of your subject in different angles and review each one. You'll see that the right angle will instantly catch your eye.

As you continue to shoot that way, you'll know by just looking at your subject which angle is the right angle. Also another good point to add is that its always good to think outside the box as well in photography. These tips can be applied in any photographic situation.

Putting this in practice will train your visual perception and obtain a key eye for an awesome photo!

Remember... Be creative. Envision. Capture.


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