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As a photographer, you get slammed with tons of photos to edit. Sometimes it can get so overwhelming that you wonder if you should continue going out to take pictures because you have so much editing to do! This shouldn't discourage you though because there IS a solution!


What is a workflow? It's the steps you take in getting the job done. Having a good workflow helps you get out there and shoot more, which is better than sitting down at home and edit photos all week.

What it all comes down to is being organized. For instance, you already know the place you're going to go to take pictures so you know what gear you're going to bring. You thought about how much energy you want to exert on this trip so you keep in mind the amount of baggage you'll be carrying. Then you think about your shooting process, from how you shoot, how you transfer your files to your computer and how you organize your images in folders on your computer to then edit or post them to your favorite social media!

It all comes down to being organized.

NIkon D7100, AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G @ f/5.6 @ 1/1600th sec @ ISO 100

When you have your workflow down to a science, you waste less time doing boring stuff and more time to do what you love.

Here's a summary of the benefits of having a good workflow:

  1. You enjoy shooting.

  2. You get organized.

  3. It takes out the anxiety of getting the job done.

  4. You get to spend more time with the people you love most.

It may seem daunting at first to keep up a good workflow but just like any habit, it takes time to adjust.

Is having a good workflow important? Yes. Is it beneficial? YES. Is it achievable? YES. You can do it! Some have a knack for being organized and others may take a little more time but it is achievable!

Remember... Be creative. Envision. Capture.

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